Senior Systems Engineer

Job description

We are looking for energetic systems engineers to design and build digital products for our defense, federal, and commercial customers. We're using our human-centered design approach to modernize their legacy IT systems and replace them with scalable services that meet today's user needs. Our purpose is singular — to optimize human performance through information technology. 

You have... 

  • A curious mind. You enjoy digging into how technology works and then thinking about how you would do it differently. 
  • A passion for turning innovative ideas into real solutions. You love a good technical challenge and you enjoy experimenting ways to solve it, even when your ideas fail. 
  • A desire to be understood. You speak clearly and write concisely. Your goal is to ensure your audience grasps your ideas, decisions, results, and recommendations. 
  • An open mind. You seek input from others to understand their perspective, and you appreciate constructive feedback on your work. 
  • A penchant for helping your teammates. You enjoy sharing your extensive knowledge and insights with others to help them improve their work and grow as engineers. 

We have... 

  • A devotion to making technology work for people. We know technology can help people work faster, better, and smarter. We help our customers and users raise their productivity level and eliminate wasting their time. 
  • A dedication to detail. We believe semantics are critical to making our ideas a reality. We work hard to ensure that our team and our customers have a shared understanding of the products that we design and build. 
  • An affinity to action. We'd rather learn from our mistakes than wait until we designed the perfect solution. Sure, we plan our projects, but we want to get started as fast as possible then iterate until we find the best solution that works for our customers and users. 
  • A drive for continuous improvement. We are always looking for new ways to solve old problems. Whether they're for our customers or ourselves, we always seek opportunities to do something better.

What You'll Do 
As a member of our team, you'll be working closely with our customers in the defense, federal, and commercial space. 

  • Experiment with modern technology to figure out how to solve our customers' complex problems 
  • Engage our customers' users to understand their needs
  • Design a user experience to meet user needs
  • Design scalable, enterprise solutions to meet user needs
  • Define acceptance criteria to help our customer know when their systems meet user needs
  • Analyze data to identify opportunities for improvement 
  • Draw, write, and present your ideas and results to the customer and other stakeholders 
  • Design project deliverables, planning project schedules, and leading projects to completion on time 
  • Lead mid and junior level engineers to guarantee technical accuracy and product quality


Your Talents 

We are seeking engineers who are good at: 

  • Integrating commercial and open source software technology to build innovative solutions
  • Using virtualization and containerization to deploy software solutions
  • Analyzing data to make defensible decisions
  • Communicating your ideas and the results of your work in both verbal and written form
  • Collaborating with others to reach a shared goal
  • Doing what needs to be done to help your customer succeed

What You Need 
To become a member of the BluestoneLogic team, you'll need: 

  • 10+ years experience designing, building, and deploying software solutions. 
  • Strong JavaScript and Java fundamentals. Experience developing using open standards platforms.
  • Experience with Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS), Global Combat Support Systems (GCSS), and Joint Planning and Execution Services (JPES)
  • Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Systems Engineering, Mathematics, or similar technical discipline. 
  • U.S. citizenship and be eligible to obtain a final Department of Defense SECRET clearance or above.
  • Ability to commute to DISA headquarters in Fort Meade.